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Renaming jobs should be a separate permission from configuring



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      Renaming jobs

      • can cause wrong behavior in some plugins (job-specific permissions in Role Strategy due to design or favorites in Favorites plugin due to brokenness come to mind)
      • can be an expensive operation when many relationships between jobs are affected (upstream/downstream relations, trigger parameterized buildplugin, copy artifacts plugin, ...)
      • breaks bookmarks and links in documentation (external wiki, or even view descriptions) and notification emails

      All of these are possible reasons that administrators might want to prevent users from renaming jobs while still allowing them to configure.

      Job names are also mostly unrelated to a job's content, i.e. there's usually little relation between the scripts or programs a job calls (and the act of configuring this) and how the job is named in Jenkins.

      Therefore the new permission Job/Rename (or Item/Rename) should be introduced, and renaming items should require that permission instead of Configure.

      MOVE permission in Folders 3.x and Folders Plus 2.x plugins is its own permission as well, and could be combined with a new RENAME permission, as they basically do the same thing.


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