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Move rename infrastructure from Job to AbstractItem


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      Job has some fairly complex infrastructure for handling renames:

      • the special textbox in configure.jelly
      • the handling in doConfigSubmit, including ProjectNamingStrategy integration, Apply vs. Save logic (including the tricky JENKINS-17401 fix), and the redirect
      • rename.jelly (and rename.properties)
      • doDoRename, with more checks and redirects

      Reimplementing all this in another item type (such as Folder) is rather painful, involving a lot of duplicated code and thus an inability to fix a bug once in one placeā€”or pick a different implementation, such as using a JavaScript dialog like we now use for deletion and other actions requiring confirmation.

      This code should be pulled up into AbstractItem for easy reuse, with some hooks for domain-specific validation (such as Job.isBuilding).

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