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After a given uptime of Jenkins, build now link doesn't work as expected


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      After some time, a javascript error occurs when browsing a project page.

      SyntaxError: missing ( before formal parameters
      function build_id-1719326292(a) {

      The side-effect is that when clicking on Build now (or another link that uses the same system to generate a POST request), we get redirected to a page telling us we should use the POST method.

      I've narrowed down the problem to https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/commit/3c01366e0bc5c3e8de23eb7337e8c3e4dbd7843c which introduced usage of Functions#generateId()

      However, the iota used is an int, so after some time, it overflows, and becomes negative.

      the issue is that it seems javascript functions cannot contain the character -, hence the problem.

      The problem affects Jenkins 1.520+.

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