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Deletion of project from frontpage (All view) via dropdown pop-up fails with 403


      When user attempts to delete an existing project from the Front page (all view) via the project's hover-over down-arrow pop-up (selecting "Delete Project"), user is presented with a 403 error page stating the following (after confirming deletion):

      HTTP ERROR 403
      Problem accessing [REDACTED_JOB_PATH]. Reason:
      No valid crumb was included in the request

      Deletion of project from the project's info page (via the left-side menu) succeeds without issue.

      Default crumb issuer is selected with "Enable proxy compatibility" enabled, in Jenkins Global Security settings.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create project
      2. View project on Dashboard
      3. Click down-arrow that appears to right of project name on Dashboard (upon project name hover-over).
      4. (From pop-up menu) select "Delete Project"
      5. Confirm deletion.

      Expected result:

      • User should be taken back to Dashboard.
      • Project should be deleted, and no longer appear in Dashboard list.
      • No 403 error should occur.

      Actual results:

      • User is taken to an formatted black & white "doDelete" 403 error page.
      • Project is not deleted.

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