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Don't hold off building until saved for jobs copied and updated from REST API


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      Jenkins version 1.544.

      I use the python jenkinsapi-0.2.16-py2.7 to copy a job and then get it's config, modify it and update it.

      After that, the job is not buildable. If I disable it and reenable it again, it's buildable again.

      I think this is a regression when JENKINS-2494 was fixed. It worked well some Jenkins versions back. Se also JENKINS-20744 which deals with a similar problem for the CLI.

      This is my python function that configures the job (XXX = censored info):

      def create_job(template_job, new_job, enable=True, verbose=False, debug=False, **context):
      Create a job from a template job.

      j = jenkins.Jenkins('http://XXX', username='XXX', password='XXX')

      if j.has_job(template_job):
      templ_job = j.get_job(template_job)
      print "Couldn't find template job " + template_job

      if not j.has_job(new_job):
      if verbose:
      print "Creating new job " + new_job
      job = j.copy_job(template_job, new_job)
      job = j.get_job(new_job)
      if verbose:
      print "Modifying already existing job " + new_job

      config = templ_job.get_config()
      new_config = create_config(config, enable, **context)

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