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Portions of config go missing


      We have been running into an issue where we are losing portions of our global config. It appears that it might be tied to when global config changes are saved, but periodically our build start failing and when we investigate, we find that our configuration is not in the state we expect it to.

      We have noticed the following config changes:

      • JDK Install from java.sun.com version gets changed from what we. (7u5 -> 8u20)
      • Custom tool installers are removed. For example, we have a custom tool for housing our custom ant tasks. The installer is just a zip extract, but the installer is removed from the config (see diff below).

      After noticing this happened, I performed a diff of the Jenkins config files and our back. Some relevant portions of the diff and the munged configs are attached.

      Edit: Forgot some details...

      • We have Jenkins installed on Ubuntu via apt-get and started via 'service jenkins start'.
      • I did not find any errors in the log (which is attached). After we noticed that the config had been changed, I looked at the config.xml's last modified time and noted it was last changed on September 9th at 10:27 am.

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