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docker-build-publish-plugin broken compatibility with token-macro-plugin


      A change was introduced in the docker-build-publish-plugin to enable multiple tags. Tags are delimited by a comma (,).

      The Token macro plugin allows you to adjust values to your requirements, using the comma as an operator. In our environment, we have previously used a subset of the Git revision to tag our Docker images. The Token macro used is as follows:


      When building using the docker-build-publish plugin, the following error is returned:

      [docker-build] $ docker build -t example/delivery:${GIT_REVISION .
      time="2015-02-27T16:53:52Z" level="fatal" msg="Illegal tag name (${GIT_REVISION): only [A-Za-z0-9_.-] are allowed, minimum 2, maximum 30 in length" 

      Can the docker-build-publish plugin be fixed to restore compatibility?

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