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Concurrent build limits not honored on Jenkins 1.607


      After upgrading to 1.607 we noticed the throttle plugin doesn't always prevent jobs from running in parallel as expected.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a throttle category with global limit 1, per-node limit 1.
      2. Create 3 jobs using the category, restricted to a node with two executors, sleep 60 as a build step.
      3. Request builds of all 3 jobs.

      What should happen:
      4. Jobs run in sequence; 1 then 2 then 3.

      What actually happens:
      5. Job 1 starts building, jobs 2 and 3 wait in queue (OK).
      6. After job 1 finishes, both job 2 and 3 start running (not OK).

      Plugin version is 1.8.4. Issue does not appear in Jenkins 1.606 with the same version of the plugin. Issue is reproducible on a fresh install.

      We were forced to downgrade back to 1.606 as a workaround (which is unfortunately not trivial due to JENKINS-27700).

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