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Page loads slow with hundreds of throttled builds in queue


      When there are hundreds of throttled builds in the queue, page loads increase by an order of magnitude.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Run Jenkins 1.580.2 and latest throttle-concurrent-builds plugin
      2. Create a matrix job with 200 combinations (attached)
      3. In the same job, select "Throttle Concurrent Builds" with a maximum of 7 builds throttled as part of a category called 'semaphore'
      4. Set number of executors on the 'master' queue to 200
      5. Run the job. There should only be 7 builds running due to the throttling

      Page load times will increase by an order of magnitude – I observed 10 seconds from

      time curl http://localhost:8080/jenkins/ajaxBuildQueue

      If you remove the throttling in the job configuration, the page load times will be under 50 ms.

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