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Post-build from other project: No e-mail send for "Trigger only parent job"


      We have several jobs which share Post-Build Actions.
      All jobs are MultiConfiguration Jobs.

      A main job (Let's call it e.g. MyMainJob) actually acts as a template.
      The other (secondary) jobs use the Post-Build Actions from MyMainJob.

      We want a single e-mail to be sent for the MultiConfiguration Jobs, including build logs for all failing matrix configurations. Therefor we configured the Email Extension Plugin with * Trigger for matrix projects: Trigger only parent job.

      1. When (one of the matrix configurations of) the main job build fails a single e-mail notification is sent properly. We also see this info in the console output of MyMainJob.
      2. When (one of the matrix configurations of) the secondary jobs fails, the e-mail notification is not sent. Nothing is shown in the console output either.

      Same count for any other e-mail that's supposed to be sent (Fixed, Unstable, ...)

      Relevant configuration of the email-ext is:

      • Fixed Project Recipient List
      • Attach Build Log: _Compress and Attach Build log
      • Trigger for matrix projects: Trigger only parent job
      • Triggers:
        • Aborted (using default config)
        • Failure - 1st (using default config)
        • Failure - Still (using default config)
        • Failure -> Unstable (Test Failures) (using default config)
        • Unstable (Test Failures) - 1st (using default config)
        • Unstable (Test Failures) - Still (using default config)
        • Unstable (Test Failures)/Failure -> Success (using default config)
      • other settings: default config

      When we change the config to * Trigger for matrix projects: Trigger for each configuration, the e-mail notifications are sent correctly for every matrix configuration.
      We see the info at the console output of the matrix configurations' builds, both for the main job and the secondary jobs.

      This is quite important since we have large matrix projects and a build failure causes an e-mail flood for the developers.

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