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Emails not sent when default recipients do not include default suffix


      I am trying to use the "Default user E-mail suffix" setting to avoid duplication in the "Default Recipients" list, but it doesn't seem to be working. For example:

      With this configuration, I expect Email-Ext to append the default suffix to each entry in the default recipients list. This does seem to happen, as the log reports

      Checking if email needs to be generated
      Email was triggered for: Always
      Sending email for trigger: Always
      messageContentType = text/html; charset=UTF-8
      Request made to attach build log
      Request made to compress build log
      Adding recipients from project recipient list
      Adding recipients from trigger recipient list
      Setting In-Reply-To since last build was not successful
      Successfully created MimeMessage
      Sending email to: john.doe@foo.com jane.doe@foo.com

      But the email does not appear to be sent. At least, I'm not receiving anything.

      However, with the suffixes manually appended to each entry in the default recipients list:

      The emails are sent without issue. What's going on here?

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