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Jenkins is trying to queue an already running job


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    • OS: Windows XP Professional SP3

      Jenkins version: 1.596.2
      Git version: 1.9.5.msysgit.1

      git-plugin version: 2.3.5
      git-client-plugin version: 1.16.1
      jobgenerator-plugin version: 1.22

      I created a job (i.e. JOB-A) using a job generator job (let say MY-JOB-GENERATOR)

      This job (JOB-A) will simply build our project

      This job (JOB-A) will be triggered by polling (every minute) a local git repository (which is a shared folder in our local network)

      Anyway Jenkins is sitting on another computer (a server)

      After creating the job (JOB-A), Jenkins will start polling

      After the first poll, Jenkins will find out that the workspace for this job (JOB-A) is empty, therefore he is going to clone the repository

      However, while the first build is running, Jenkins will try to queue for another build for this job (JOB-A)

      Resulting to two consecutive builds which is unnecessary and causing additional load to our Jenkins server

      Also this happens only during the initial build

      I also found a quite similar issue here https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-23415 however unresolved

      I already tried to adjust the quiet period of Jenkins from (5 to 0) to (0 to 10)
      I already tried creating a job manually (not using the job generator job) but this issue is still happening
      I already tried googling but this issue seems rare

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