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When there are more jobs assigned to a cloud slave (once provisioned) than the computer can handle, then the cloud should be able to provision a new slave(s) to handle the remaining jobs needing execution


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      SEE COMMENTS (Looking for a CauseOfBlockage that will cause Jenkins to automatically ask the cloud for a new machine or another slave to accept a job because the currently assigned slave will not be available for that job.)

      I am enhancing the vsphere-cloud-plugin to work with slave templates so that the vSphereCloud can provision new slaves.

      In my first release I am going to have a newly provisioned slave run the jobs until the limited run limit is reached (right now 1 job execution) then it will be unprovisioned.

      When only working with 1 job this works perfectly. When I introduce a 2nd job then the newly provisioned slave is created, job 1 of 2 is executed, the slave is unprovisioned, another slave is provisioned, job 2 of 2 is executed, and the slave is unprovisioned.

      What I am expecting to see here is when (and yes I would have to implement a method that would control this which I can't find or doesn't exist) job 2 comes in and 1) the computer (or slave) tells jenkins it cannot handle the job (I tried canTake and reported all types of CauseOfBlockage) and 2) the cloud tells jenkins it can provision.

      I am wondering what I can do here. I would like the availability to notify jenkins that a slave/computer can handle a newly launched job request (even amongst the jobs already waiting to be ran)

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