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Cannot escape comma in envs in Docker Build Step


      We are using Jenkins as a continuous integration for Docker containers. In setting up our hubot, we've run into a problem with creating a container with environment variables.

      The docker-build-step supports adding environment variables as comma delimited. Unfortunately, the hubot-auth plugin requires a comma delimited environment variable and this is the only way to grant user credentials. Since there is no way to escape the comma in the docker-build-step Environment Variables field, I cannot properly set this variable.

      ref. Ref. https://github.com/hubot-scripts/hubot-auth/blob/master/src/auth.coffee#L21-L23

      If it's helpful, I've tried quoting (double and single, with and without backslash), backslash escaping, double comma, and adding it twice. I've also tried using an XML comma encode directly in the config.xml.

      As such, we're unable to use Jenkins to directly manage this job. I should note that Ansible has a similar nomenclature but can still populate this correctly (probably due to the yaml->list).

      Simply allowing a method to escape commas in this field would allow for this type of setup to be used in Jenkins.

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