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Failing to find credentials doesn't actually fail a Workflow


      Because of the presence of the ignoreMissing option for the sshagent() Workflow step, one might assume that the absence of a credential will result in a failed build. Or at the very least that the contents of the sshagent() {} block would not execute.

      Neither is the case unfortunately.

      With the following workflow:

      node {
        sshagent(["non-existent-garbage"]) {
          unstash "foo"
          sh "ls"

      The following will occur:

      [Workflow] Allocate node : Start
      Running on Docker-bb75aee9cf85 in /home/jenkins/workspace/multipass/master
      [Workflow] node {
      [Workflow] SSH Agent : Start
      FATAL: [ssh-agent] Could not find specified credentials
      [ssh-agent] Looking for ssh-agent implementation...
      [ssh-agent]   Java/JNR ssh-agent
      [ssh-agent] Started.
      [Workflow] sshagent {
      [Workflow] unstash
      [Workflow] sh
      [master] Running shell script
      + ls build/archives
      [Workflow] } //sshagent
      [Workflow] SSH Agent : End
      [Workflow] } //node
      [Workflow] Allocate node : End
      [Workflow] End of Workflow
      Finished: SUCCESS

      There does not seem to be any way to prevent the execution of the block if the credentials are missing.

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