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Reload Configuration from Disk (or POSTing config.xml) loses info on running builds


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      Executing the "Reload Configuration from Disk" while builds are running causes
      information about those builds to be lost.

      POSTing a new configuration to /job/JOBNAME/config.xml also causes the exact same problem. Yet editing job configuration interactively using the web form does not show the problem.

      I had two builds running when I reloaded configuration to pick up manual changes
      to one project (not running a build) config.xml file. When the browser
      refreshed, the builds were still shown as actively building in the Build
      Executor Status frame but the status indicators were no longer blinking and the
      project pages did not show any builds running for those projects.

      It appears that part of Hudson thought that the builds had been canceled because
      they were queued, blocked by themselves. The original builds appeared to
      finsish normally and then the queued builds ran. There was no record of the
      original build that had been running when the config reloaded.

      Note: If Jenkins is completely restarted, by shutting down and starting up the service, the missing build re-appears. (Of course, doing that each time is unacceptable, just trying to help focus the debugging.)

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