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Queue is not persisted on Safe Restart when Jenkins is installed as Windows Service (clean up is not performed)


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    • Jenkins 1.647 installed as Windows Service

      When Jenkins is installed as Windows Service the queue is not persisted on Safe Restart.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Fresh install Jenkins on Windows as a Windows Service
      • Remove all available executors (set it to 0)
      • Configure a job
      • Run the job
      • The job must be put in queue, and must not run because there are no available executors.
      • Safe restart Jenkins

      Expected result

      • On safe restart the queue.xml file should be created for the queue to be restored on start
      • Ultimately the queue should be restored on start

      Actual result

      • No queue.xml file is created
      • The queue is not restored after restart

      This works on Mac OS X, and works if running a Jenkins instance with Maven HPI Plugin or similar on Windows.

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            atcarmo André Carmo
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