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TTP on PR will only initiate a single job


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    • 2 jobs using the bitbucket PR builder on the same repo. Create a PR and add a "test this please" comment. Only one of the jobs will build.

      TTP (test this please) functionality only works for one job on a given repository. When a PR is created (or updated) all jobs that are configured with the Bitbucket Pull Request Builder will start. This does not happen for TTP comments. In this case, it looks like the first TTP initiates a job and adds a comment to the PR. This comment is enough to stop any subsequent jobs from executing (it thinks that the TTP has been satisfied). It does not seem to be using either the job name or the CI Identifier (which we set to be job name). The Stash Pull Request Builder does handle multiple jobs / TTP properly.

      also see - https://github.com/nishio-dens/bitbucket-pullrequest-builder-plugin/issues/82

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