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JSON-editor File upload is not working and is blocking the whole display


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    • Ubuntu 14.04 x64
      Oracle JDK 1.7.0_80
      Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In 0.64

      JSON-Editor itself supports File upload feature.
      I have tested my JSON code at http://jeremydorn.com/json-editor/.

      When I added the code (the File upload block) to the existing " JSON Parameter Config Groovy Script",
      the JSON-Editor UI doesn't show up anymore.
      I have approved groovy script in "In-process script approval" before tryout to trigger the job.

      Attach screen shot files:
      Selection_010.png (expected UI output displayed at http://jeremydorn.com/json-editor/)
      Selection_011.png (tested JSON Schema at http://jeremydorn.com/json-editor/)
      Selection_012.png (Jenkins display output with File upload code)
      Selection_012.png (Jenkins display output without File upload code)
      JSON Parameter Config Groovy Script.txt (groovy source code in Jenkins Job config)

        1. JSON Parameter Config Groovy Script.txt
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          Rick Liu
        2. Selection_010.png
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          Rick Liu
        3. Selection_011.png
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          Rick Liu
        4. Selection_012.png
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          Rick Liu
        5. Selection_013.png
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          Rick Liu

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