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Build Origin PRs (merge with base branch) conducts rebuilds when baseline changes


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    • github-branch-source 1.8.1
      jenkins 2.18

      When 'Build Origin PRs (merge with base branch)' is selected any PR's which are filed against a base branch are re-triggered when the base branch changes.

      While this is all fine if you have a small # of PR's & the builds are quick, if you have a large team & backlog of PR's then any merge to the base branch will automatically trigger every PR which is using the same baseline.

      When you then end up with is a Jenkins that has a massive queue to process & github often complaining that you've exceeded the API rate limit.

      The concept of building the merge branch is great, however at the moment I really can't use it because of the previously stated behaviour & causes massive issues for our builds.

      Previous versions of the plugin didn't exhibit this behaviour at all, nor do other systems like travis which build PR's using the merge branch, nor did the github pull request builder plugin.

      As a workaround I'm forced to use the 'Build Origin PRs (unmerged HEAD)' and then conduct the merge or checkout of the GH merge branch itself within the pipeline which is less than ideal.

      Can we have an option to inhibit a re-trigger when the baseline changes for PRs with merge?

      btw I like where this plugin is going

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