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Favorites View cannot see MB Pipeline jobs


      it appears that there is an issue between Favorites, Favorites View and MultiBranch Pipelines:

      If I mark the MB Pipeline parent job as a favorite, it properly shows up in Favorites View, however if I mark one of the branches as a favorite, it does not. On refresh, the "favorites" star goes away - HOWEVER it does show up in the list of favorites in the user profile editing screen - so the job IS marked as "Favorite" somewhere.

      It works fine for manually "foldered" jobs - so this issue is specific to MB Pipelines


      • Jenkins 2.7.3
      • Favorites 1.16
      • Favorites View 1.0
      • Pipeline: Multibranch 2.8

      In View config I do have selected "Recurse in subfolders" and Select by Regex with regex ".*"

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