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CauseOfBlockage from QueueTaskDispatcher.canTake discarded


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      If you have a QueueTaskDispatcher which returns a CauseOfBlockage from canRun, that becomes BlockedItem.getCauseOfBlockage, which is displayed in the queue widget.

      But if it returns a CauseOfBlockage from canTake (AFAICT the same for Node.canTake), JobOffer.canTake sees that it is non-null, throws out the actual object with all of its diagnostics, and you wind up with a BuildableItem with CauseOfBlockage.BecauseNodeIsBusy which tells you nothing and may be totally misleading.

      By asking an implementation to return a @CheckForNull CauseOfBlockage rather than a simple boolean, the implication is that a non-null return value will be displayed to the user. Currently this is not the case.

      To add insult to injury, Support Core does not report the result of canTake.

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