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Git Organization plugin bug


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.642.18.1 (CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 15.11)

      Github Organization Folder created jobs and folders that points to 404 url and wrong jobs.

      We have a github organization: tsqe
      In the org, there are couple repositories.

      When using Github Organization folder with jenkinsfile from SCM, the generated repository folders has mismatched job for branches. see attachments

      There are 4 repos under the org:, see tsqe-generated-repo-folders.PNG

      • bbtf2
      • bbtfmini
      • cloudbee_sample
      • tsfixsim

      but within bbtf2, it has jobs created for

      • >>bbtfmini>>master
      • >>bbtfmini >> PR-222

      These are just one example of this behavior. Because of these we are not able to reliably use pipeline scripts to provide CI on organization level

      Please advise, Thanks

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