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Workspace directory names mangled in multibranch pipeline


      Apparently after a recent update of plugins, our Multibranch Pipeline jobs started putting their workspaces in mangled locations. They used to be, for example, in D:\jenkins\cm-jenkins-09\my-pipline-job\my-branch-name and now they're like D:\jenkins\cm-jenkins-09\ine-job_my-banch-name-5P5URKHPJXWGGVIWDQOJBB3N7RJECAQJGFTDCVOPY3PABO7LNTIQ

      There are several problems with this:

      1. They're difficult to read with all that garbage at the end, and the beginning of the name sometimes cut off
      2. They're not organized within the parent job like they used to be
      3. This is causing files within them to have extremely long paths such that Windows won't actually let us delete them (Jenkins, CMD, and Windows Explorer all fail to delete them)

      Let me know if I can provide any other information to help solve this. This is a private Jenkins install so I can't point you to it.

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