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Show an indicator if a filter is active in the API Viewer


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    • job-dsl-plugin
    • Jenkins: 2.23
      job-dsl: 1.51

      The API Viewer is really amazing, but someone on IRC just stumbled across a minor usability issue...

      They were trying to find a particular feature, and I shared a screenshot of where to find it in the API Viewer, but they could only see a few top-level items in the left-hand list:

      23:53 <gdsre> orrc: my API Viewer is only showing a few items in its list (freeStyleJob, job, listView)
      23:54 <gdsre> orrc Do I need to update something? (Jenkins 2.24 with up-to-date plugins)
      00:02 <gdsre> orrc *facepalm*
      00:03 <gdsre> orrc I had a filter on

      They must have unchecked "Filter by plugin" at some point. Since this filter is stored in a cookie, somebody could easily hide all the available methods, and later visit the API Viewer again and wonder why so many top-level items are missing.

      So it would be nice if there was maybe some sort of visual indicator, shown if something other than all plugins are selected.

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