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Build history not visible for user who copied jobs


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    • Jenkins 2.2
      Accessing on a Mac computer OSX 10.10.5
      Browsers: latest Chrome, Firefox 47

      Sorry I can't give full details of my Jenkins installation, I am an individual user in a large organisation. We are using Jenkins 2.2

      The problem I am facing is that I cannot see any build history in the left of any job I view. Screenshot attached. The builds are there, I can reach details of them through other means.

      Colleagues can all see the recent builds and link through to them, when they hit "build" they see the new build appear and the status updates. Until a couple of days ago, so could I. Now, when I hit build I get no feedback. The history/current build section of my views is now missing. If I hit build then I can refresh the page and see the latest one in the main section but not the left nav. The builds are not disappearing, but this section of the page is not available to me. I have tried rebooting my machine, switching browser and using an ingcognito window, but my user never shows this part of the job view any more.

      A colleague had a job set up which matched what I wanted to do, so rather than start from scratch I copied that job and tweaked it. I believe, due to finding JENKINS-16735 that this may have caused my issue as it seemed to happen at around the same time.

      I don't have access to logs or command line access on our Jenkins installation, but may be able to get assistance get that if it will help fix the issue.

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