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Pipeline initial checkout of Jenkinsfile not honoring git timeout


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    • Jenkins 2.19.1
      Git client plugin 2.0.0
      Git plugin 3.0.0
      Pipeline: Multibranch: 2.9

      I am having an issue cloning a large repo for use in a multi-branch pipeline project.

      My goal is to run pipeline jobs against certain branches within my repository. However, the initial fetch seems to timeout. As you can see from the attached log, the issue appears to arise from a 10 minute timeout issue. However, if you see the below screen shots, I have all of my timeouts set to 180minutes.

      In the attached tickets there were known issues with the 10 minute git timeout that were fixed by allowing users access to overrides as I have shown in the attached images. It appears as though these overrides are not being honored for some reason within the MultibranchPipeline project.

      I have used the settings described here on a smaller repo and it was able to properly index the branches.

      As a work around, I also tried only using the overrides as advanced settings for checkout/fetch behavior. This did not work either, unfortunately.

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