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A completed parallel branch isn't showing up as completed in karaoke mode


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      In some cases when you have a parallel branch finish early, this won't show up as completed until the whole stage completes.

      Looking at the following recording:

      The right branch finishes after 1s, but doesn't show up as completed until I click on it.

      The pipeline to reproduce this:

      node {
          stage("first") {
              sh 'ping -c 3 www.apple.com'    
          stage("second") {
              parallel (
                  "left" : {
                      sh 'ping -c 10 www.apple.com'            
                  "right" : {
                      sh 'ping -c 1 www.apple.com'    
          stage("third") {
              sh 'ping -c 3 www.apple.com'    

      this sometimes does work. This also depends on the https://github.com/jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin/pull/557 being merged, which uses the new bismuth api.
      There is likely some front end code that can be simplified.

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