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Properties are not passed to Maven command by Maven build step


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    • ubuntu linux 15.10 64bit
      jenkins v2.27
      maven integration plugin v2.14

      The command I'm trying to get jenkins to execute is like this:

      mvn -Dparam1=val1 -Dparam2=val2 -f bdd/pom.xml test

      My pom.xml has param1 and param2 properties whose values need to be passed in to work, and the above command, when run manually, works.

      When I try to set that command up in a "Invoke top-level Maven targets" build step, as shown in the fails.png screenshot I attached (putting param1 and param2 in the Properties field, as the help/hint states I should), they are not provided in the maven command (confirmed with jenkins console output and observation that the build fails because of those missing values).

      As a workaround, I can provide them explicitly in the Goals section (as shown by succeeds.png), but that strikes me as a hack, given the way the maven integration plugin separates goals and properties into separate input fields.

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