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If a failure happens outside of parallel branch it isn't shown in a stage



      • Fold in steps to their nearest stage so that they appear in the step list
      • When JENKINS-39658 is fixed the error log will be appended to the step

      Original request
      Blue ocean shows parallel branches as separate "nodes" (circles) on the stage graph.

      This means that if a build failure happens outside of a parallel branch, you end up with all green circles but a failed build.

      See the attached

      This is for the simple pipeline:

      node {
          stage('first') {
              sh "echo 42"
          stage('par') {
                  "left" : {
                      sh "echo 42"   
                   "right" : {
                      sh "echo 43"
              error "it's all bad"

      What this should do:

      if there are steps outside of parallel branches, show them as a node (circle) directly under the stage name (and if any steps fail, that node shows as failed).

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