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Stage view is completely missing for long durations after restarts




      When running any pipeline job, I can see that the build progresses but stages blocks don't always show up on the main job screen (localhost:8080/job/pipeline1). Nor do I see stages when pressing 'Full stage view' (getting a white screen). The console, pipeline syntax and Jenkins logs are OK and show no interesting remarks, and the jobs run to completion.

      This behavior occurs at the beginning of a day; usually this is resolved during the day at noon/afternoon when running some pipeline job with stages (meaning, I can see the stage blocks, suddenly, apparently without having done anything). It should be noted that the Jenkins windows server (the OS) is being restarted every night at 10PM (this is mandatory and beyond my control). I'm not sure if this is related, as all other server and plugin functionalities are fine in the mornings.

      I reinstalled the stage view plugin several times now, to no avail.

      After extensive searches all over the net, I can't find anything on this particular issue and would like to ask for directions on how to proceed.


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