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Different behavior between debian container using docker.inside


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    • Jenkins 2.19.3 on a Debian 8, remote slave agents running on empty Debian 8 with only docker


      I have a weird behavior when I try to use the docker image debian:wheezy. Whatever I try to do inside this container, it looks like docker manager don't wait for the command to be proceed.

      Here is the Jenkinsfile I'm using:

      stage('run') {
          node('docker') {
              docker.image('debian:wheezy').inside {
                  sh "sleep 30s"

      The image is well pulled and a container is well ran but when it comes to do the sleep command, well, it just pass and return a bad exit code and output

      ERROR: script returned exit code -1

      If you replace debian:wheezy with anything else like debian:jessie or ubuntu:whatever it works.

      Basically, the container don't seems to have any issue by itself but, when used on a Jenkinsfile pipeline using this plugin its seems to be broken. Actually I don't know if the issue is the plugin or the container: enlight me please !

      PS: Thx for your amazing job <3

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