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Developer wants to see a message when Jenkins is busy eg: execution is blocked waiting for a node



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      When Jenkins is working, for example waiting for a node, a user is given no feedback as to what is happening. Currently this is a generic "waiting for run to start" message.
      This is not captured in any steps logs currently.

      What we want to see
      We want to show an appropriate message when a Pipeline is waiting for a node "Waiting for a node labeled XYZ to become available", and any other missing information that is not currently surfaces in step logs.

      For example with a simple pipeline:

      node ('does not exist or busy') {
        sh 'echo hello world'

      which currently looks like:

      In classic console it shows:

      Started by user mic
      [Pipeline] node
      Still waiting to schedule task
      Waiting for next available executor

      Ideally we can surface this information (who started it) but also that it is waiting for an executor, but also what the label expression/other deatils are.

      This should happen anywhere a node is requested (as one example) not just at the start of a build (so not an empty state).
      This could surface as a flownode which could be shown similar to a step (a synthetic step?)

      Another example:

      kzantow/failure-broject - branch name "michaelneale-blockscoped" when running that, the following information is omitted which could be useful:

      Started by user mic
      Connecting to https://api.github.com using michaelneale/******
      Cloning the remote Git repository
      Cloning repository https://github.com/kzantow/failure-project.git
      [Pipeline] node
      Running on master in /Users/michaelneale/projects/paas/blueocean-plugin/blueocean/work/workspace/keitha/michaelneale-blockscoped

      And on conclusion of the build, a warning (valid) is not seen in step output:

      Using the ‘stage’ step without a block argument is deprecated
      Entering stage Archive

      Yet these warnings would also be useful.


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