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Variable Expansion in Global Variables Not Occurring


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    • Jenkins 2.32.1
      Definition Plugin 0.9.1

      Not sure about standard Pipeline scripts, but in a Declarative Pipeline script, for a given global variable built via:

      Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System

      Name: MYPATH 
      Value: ${WORKSPACE}/../path1/${JOB_BASE_NAME}
      stage ("stage left") {
          steps {
              echo "MYPATH is: " + MYPATH

      The output in the script is:

      [Pipeline] echo
      MYPATH is: ${WORKSPACE}/../path1/${JOB_BASE_NAME}

      In Freestyle scripts the WORKSPACE and JOB_BASE_NAME values are expanded at build time. We use these as a nice way to have a few consistent job behaviors across all jobs, but without variable expansion, it seems we have to build and maintain variables in each job script.

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