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testlink status not run with TAP and junit-xml


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    • testlink-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 2.32.2
      TestLink Plugin ver. 3.11
      TestLink ver. 1.9.16[DEV]

      when trying to execute test case job in Jenkins using TAP I will always see Testlink result as 'Not run' but build number variable is sent to testlink to create a new build there, so they know about each other and communicate on every build
      colored text
      perhaps my implementation of TAP file format/name is wrong?
      file name: gui_arguments

      not ok 1 - gui_arguments
      not ok 2 - gui_arguments

      then the result shows this

      Executing iterative Build Steps.
      Looking for the test results of TestLink test cases.
      Found 1 test result(s).
      Archiving artifacts
      Finished: SUCCESS

      but status results are always like this:
      TestLink build ID: 3

      TestLink build name: 0.10

      Total of 1 tests. Where 0 passed, 0 failed, 0 were blocked and 1 were not executed.

      List of test cases and execution result status

      Test case ID Test case external ID Version Name Test project ID Execution status
      1113 OTC-31 1 automatic test test 1 Not Run

      any ideas? I spent few days and 32 runs of the job to get here and running out of ideas.

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