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OLE Object creation fails


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      First of all I'm terribly sorry about not having enough time to spend on the whole terms and conditions, I have way too many deadlines on my tail.

      Not so long ago I took the maintanance of a IBM Rational Doors DXL script with a python script. We are running it automated on the Jenkins on daily bases. I don't have direct access to the Jenkins server, long story (company rules and so on)

      The problem in short:
      The DXL script creates on OLE object for the excel 2013:
      oleExcel = oleCreateAutoObject("Excel.Application")
      If this returns null, it means the creation failed.

      We've been running the script perfectly on a test server, which uses Excel 2013. Once everything was perfect, we figured it's time to move the script to the live server, however ever since this OLE object creation fails, and returns a "null" value:
      if(null oleExcel)

      { error message here }

      The Doors version and the Excel versions are the same. Could you please help me out with this problem?

      Thank you very much in advance!

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