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The selected option from Active Choice Parameter groovy script is not used when building a job periodically (using cron)


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      Steps to reproduce:

      Given: I install the Active Choice Parameter plugin
      When: I configure a job to have an Active Choice Parameter having a Groovy script
      And: I set an option as selected in the Groovy script, but not the first option
      And: I configure the job to build periodically (using cron)
      Then: The job should start with the selected option as for the parameter value

      Instead: The job starts with the first option from the groovy script and not with the selected one.


      Having one Active Choice parameter, named "options" defined by the following Groovy script:


      Then, if you build the project by using a system groovy script like this:

      import hudson.model.*
      // get ACP 'options'
      def resolver = build.buildVariableResolver
      def optionsACPValue = resolver.resolve("options").toString()
      // print 'options' ACP value
      println ("ACP value: '$\{optionsACPValue}'.")


      If you build manually you will get:


      and if you build periodically (using cron), the output will be:


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