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Unable to copy artifacts from sibling of MultiJob project


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      When trying to copy an artifact from a sibling job using "downstream to" selector I get the following error:

      }}{{ERROR: Unable to find a build for artifact copy from: poc/downstream.copy.producer
      3 jobs

      • Parent job - MultiJob - Just triggers or schedules a set of jobs
      • Producer job - Freestyle job - Triggered by parent job as Phase 1
      • Consumer job - Freestyle job - Consumes data produced by producer and is triggered as Phase 2 by parent job


      • Producer job: 
        • Generates a sample file
        • Archives the file and stores fingerprints
      • Consumer job:
        • Receives the parent build number
        • Copies sample file from producer job based on the job being downstream of the provided number
      • Parent job:
        • Stage 1: Trigger the producer
        • Stage 2: Trigger the consumer

      Selector used: "Downstream to"

      Side note: Tested the same scenario without folders

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