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Cppcheck plugin waiting for checkpoint erroneously when concurrent builds are enabled


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    • Jenkins Version: 2.12
      Cppcheck Plug-in 1.21

      Concurrent builds have been recently enabled on my system, and I noticed that Cppcheck plugin is having issues dealing with this new scenario.

      Builds are running in different machines, and are not dependent on each other. However Cppcheck will only continue once they are all completed. This causes a delay of up to a few hours, where the first build will only finish once the last that is currently building has finished as well.

      From the console output:

      Publish Cppcheck results is waiting for a checkpoint on Package Builds ? <job_name> #2229


      That seems to be a known bug for plugins written before this Jenkins feature was implemented, some of which had to be modified to address concurrent builds properly.

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