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Not obvious why some post-build tasks enforce serial behavior even when builds are concurrent


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    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.8, Jenkins 1.414

      We're experiencing an issue with concurrent builds where Jenkins appears to be associating separate builds (run on different machines) such that they won't be marked as completed until all jobs are completed. For example, if we kick off 5 concurrent builds on 5 different nodes, builds 1-4 won't be marked as completed if build #5 is still running, even though builds 1-4 are finished. I've seen a report of someone experiencing this issue elsewhere:


      but a solution wasn't posted. We do not have the batch plugin or the locks and latches plugin installed. We've disabled all post-build processing and switched between different containers (Glassfish/Tomcat), but the problem persists. I couldn't find an issue logged for this other than the aforementioned posting.

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