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Pipeline script from SCM does not expand build parameters/env variables for lightweight checkouts


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    • Jenkins LTS 2.32.3 + All plugins up to date.

      Pipeline: Build Step : 2.4
      Git client plugin : 2.3
    • git plugin 4.14.0, workflow-cps (pipeline-groovy) 3601.v9b_36a_d99e1cc

      Pipeline from SCM does not expand parameters or environment variables 

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a new Pipeline with a String Parameter  "PIPELINE_BRANCH"
      • In the pipeline definition ; Select "Pipeline Script from SCM"
      • Enter the repository URL
      • In branch to build, enter the parameter  : ${PIPELINE_BRANCH}
      • Enter your script path
      • Run the job with a valid branch

       An error in thrown :
      hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git fetch --tags --progress origin +refs/heads/${PIPELINE_BRANCH}:refs/remotes/origin/${PIPELINE_BRANCH} --prune" returned status code 128:

      ${PIPELINE_BRANCH} is not  replaced by its value.

      Same issue with an environment variable.

      Expanding parameters/variable is working fine for a freestyle or matrix job.






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