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pipeline multibranch job can't be triggered by upstream job


      I created a pipeline multibranch job, the Jenkinsfile call the library method to set the properties:

                      properties([buildDiscarder(logRotator(artifactDaysToKeepStr: '',
                              artifactNumToKeepStr: '', daysToKeepStr: '8',
                              numToKeepStr: '10')),
                              pipelineTriggers([upstream(threshold: hudson.model.Result.SUCCESS,
                              upstreamProjects: FullJobName)])])

      The upstream job is triggered by other project. After the upstream project is completed building with success result, my pipeline multibranch job can't be triggered. I manually build the upstream job or the pipeline multibranch job, then in the next time after the upstream job building, my pipeline multibranch job can be triggered.

      Before I do the test, I already build the pipeline multibranch job, (no upstream job at that time) and I can see the job is configured the upstream project in UI. I also created a freestyle test job, which is configured triggering by the same upstream job, this freestyle test job can be triggered by it in any case.





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