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PollSCM doesn't update the latest hash, so when running "Scan Repository"/"Branch Indexing" it repeats builds


      We use the snippet

      triggers {
          pollSCM('H/5 * * * *')

      to poll Github to pick up new changes to the branches.

      This works fine, but when we click on the "Scan Repository Now" button or Jenkins runs "Branch Indexing" at odd hours in the morning, it will pick up a change in the hash of the latest commit, even though that commit has already been picked up and build via the polling.

      It would be amazing if the pollSCM, when picking up a change, updated the stored hash, so we don't get double builds (mostly because it's spinning up our dev stack at 4am; but also because it's annoying when we're trying to pick up a new branch and it builds everything else as well).


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