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Not sending mail to user with permission to view


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    • Jenkins LTS 2.46.1, EmailExtPlugin 2.57.1, role based matrix used

      After the latest update with the security patch, no mails sended anymore to "requester" of a job.

      The error message in job console looks like this:
      Not sending mail to user user@mail.com with no permission to view currentJob
      When setting the suggested property 


      it works.


      The user has overall read permission (matrix based security setup) and for the conrete job the permission:

      Job: View,Discover,Read,Workspace

      Run: Update

      The user has an account (if I click on the user which started the job .. also belongs to this job (can seen in the user view)) and the mail address is correct.

      What permissions or settings are required to avoid this problem? We do not like to have this system property enabled.

      Thanks for the great plugin and support!


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