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SVN user name takes over Hudson's one and all Hudson't permissions are lost


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      I'm a Hudson administrator with all permissions possible and my username in Hudson is "evgeny".
      Starting with 1.341 I've noticed my username displayed (top right corner) by Hudson is "Evgeny" and I have no permissions to administer Hudson any more or even configure a job, much like anonymous access (anonymous users are only allowed to see and run the jobs). Back to 1.339 - "evgeny" + all permissions are back. Now switch to 1.342 and create "evgeny" again - it works but after couple of days "Evgeny" takes over and all permissions are lost again

      Someone figured out it may have something to do with SVN users - we don't have any kind of mapping from SVN users making commits to Hudson users. In fact, with 30+ SVN users we only have 2-3 Hudson users for administrators and all other people in organization are using Hudson anonymously (like I said, they can only see and run a job, no more than that)

      And my SVN user is "evgeny" as well - that could explain this strange behavior.
      I've now changed my Hudson user to "evgenyg", to make it different from SVN user "evgeny". And it seems working.

      Thank you!

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