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Blue Ocean showing Shared Library commit hash instead of job commit hash


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    • blueocean-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.46.2
      Blue Ocean 1.0.1
      Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries 2.8
      GitHub Organization Folder Plugin 1.6

      Attached first screenshot shows `Commit: 0218506` in the top bar. That commit is in fact the version of the Jenkins Shared Library that was used during that build. As you can see from the General SCM logs the actual commit that was built was `ce4b605`.

      Second screenshot displays the commit part of `Branches` view. All of the branches display the Jenkins shared library hash instead of the latest hash from that git branch.

      This has caused some general confusion among our developers and they're currently instructed to either check the actual hash from the logs or from the `X changes` screen that is also in the top bar and which seems to show the actual commits that have been added in this build.All jobs are using `Github Organization` and have the shared libraries configured under `Pipeline Libraries` -> `Modern SCM` -> Github.

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