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EnvInject Properties are lost when 'properties' is used in a pipeline step


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    • Jenkins 2.32.1 LTS, EnvInject 1.93.1

      When using envinject in a pipeline it works, unless you add a `properties` step to your pipeline script. 

      In that case the envinject properties (along with all other properties are being removed). This goes along with such a warning in the build logs:

      [Pipeline] properties
      WARNING: The properties step will remove all JobPropertys currently configured in this job, either from the UI or from an earlier properties step.
      This includes configuration for discarding old builds, parameters, concurrent builds and build triggers.
      WARNING: Removing existing job property '[Environment Inject] -Setup a build environment'
      WARNING: Removing existing job property 'Build triggers'
      [Pipeline] node


      Not sure if this is an issue that can be solved on the envinject side, but it's definitively an incompatibility and I don't have a workaround yet...


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