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Build parameters are not passed to declarative pipelines


      We're using List maven artifact version in a parameterized build to pass the application artifact version as a parameter to a declarative pipeline script. Unfortunately this does not work (using ${params.ESB_VERSION} as well as ${env.ESB_VERSION}) and the parameter name is always resolved to 'null'.

      Declarative pipeline script:


      pipeline {
          agent {
              label "docker"
          stages {
              stage('Build image') {
                  agent {
                      dockerfile {
                          reuseNode true
                          registryUrl "https://registry.comapny.com"
                          registryCredentialsId "dcr-jenkins"
                          additionalBuildArgs "--pull --build-arg ESB_VERSION=${params.ESB_VERSION}"
                          dir "installation/app"
                  steps {
                      script {
                          docker {
                              app = docker.build "company/app"

      Job execution:



      [Job_Name] Running shell script
      + docker build -t 0ed28f6bfba3f17d99c8f8689058b9f5c00e8bf3 --pull --build-arg ESB_VERSION=null -f installation/app/Dockerfile installation/app

      Note the ESB_VERSION=null string.



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