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Error Signal Description not expandible in Blue Ocean when using Declarative Pipeline and Environment Variables


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      When defining a Declarative Pipeline which declares an environment directive error signal descriptions are not expandible in Blue Ocean view.


      pipeline {
      agent none
      environment {
      EXAMPLE_VARIABLE = 'This is an example variable'
      stages {
      stage('Error Example') {
      steps {
      error "This is an error example using declarative pipeline"

      Note that when looking at Blue Ocean output that the error description is not expandible:

      The issue is not reproduced when using Scripted Pipeline.


      node {
          withEnv(['EXAMPLE_VARIABLE="this is an example variable"']) {
              stage('Error Example') {
                  error "This is an example error message using scripted pipeline"

      Error is expandible in Blue Ocean:


      Looking at the console logs in the Declarative Pipeline example.


      blueocean.js:18586 Browser configuration of @jenkins-cd/logging is explained at https://tfennelly.github.io/jenkins-js-logging/index.html#browser-config
      jenkins-js-extension.js:47602 [Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'wheel' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive.
      blueocean.js:2752 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined
      at trimRestUrl (blueocean.js:2752)
      at getPrefetchedDataFuture (blueocean.js:2762)
      at request (blueocean.js:2629)
      at DeDupeCallTracker.dedupe (blueocean.js:7920)
      at dedupe (blueocean.js:7943)
      at Object.rawFetch (blueocean.js:2659)
      at Object.fetch (blueocean.js:2737)
      at jenkins-js-extension.js:50210
      at invokeFunc (jenkins-js-extension.js:7887)
      at trailingEdge (jenkins-js-extension.js:7934)
      trimRestUrl @ blueocean.js:2752
      getPrefetchedDataFuture @ blueocean.js:2762
      request @ blueocean.js:2629
      dedupe @ blueocean.js:7920
      dedupe @ blueocean.js:7943
      rawFetch @ blueocean.js:2659
      fetch @ blueocean.js:2737
      (anonymous) @ jenkins-js-extension.js:50210
      invokeFunc @ jenkins-js-extension.js:7887
      trailingEdge @ jenkins-js-extension.js:7934
      timerExpired @ jenkins-js-extension.js:7922
      blueocean.js:18807 [ERROR - io.jenkins.blueocean.dashboard.karaoke.Pager.Step] Error fetching page - fetch log TypeError: Cannot read property 'newStart' of undefined
      at jenkins-js-extension.js:51074
      at <anonymous>
      error @ blueocean.js:18807
      (anonymous) @ jenkins-js-extension.js:51100

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