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when expression is not validated when Jenkinsfile is loaded by other Jenkinsfile


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       pipeline {
             agent none
             options {
              stages {
                stage('SCM') {
                     agent {
                         label 'master'
                     when {
                        expression { env.JOB_BASE_NAME != "íntegrator" }
                     steps {
                         script {
                              if("${env.JOB_BASE_NAME}" != 'integrator') {
                                 checkout scm
                         echo "SCM stuff..."

      Jenkinsfile2: (job integrator will load this one )

      node('master') {
           ... checkout pull request ...
           load Jenkinsfile1

      For some reason the when expression doesn't get validated (even tried wit "JOB_BASE_NAME == hjehkfjhdfhkl", still the scm stage gets executed. The if statement in the script block currently does the trick, but should not be needed.


      Some background: The reasons why I load jenkinsfile in another are because I work on a very large project where we splitted the tests in groups/different pipelines for convenient and maintenance and other reasons. However on a pull request, all these are controlled from one pipeline.


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